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About Us

Brunswick Street Antiques is a dealer in antique furniture. The aim is to have a variety of pieces from most time periods that encompase affodability, quality, fuction, design, modern context of living. Antique furniture can decorate a home through out or can be a one of statement piece. We believe by buying antique furniture you are looking after the environment and being dedicated to the buy through consertvation, " green emphasis".

Antique furniture can be very affordable compared to modern chipboard or particle board alternatives, with antique furniture, we believe you are buying for the future, we often get called to estates where the best piece of antique furniture is kept by the relatives, much to our displeasure. It makes antique furniture very desirable and will reward not only through function, pleasure of timber, and return value into the future.

Antique furniture has gone through many style changes, this gives variety and choice for your purchase. Popular at the moment is anything Art Deco, Retro or Arts and Crafts. Also certain items that are Victorian we have seen a demand for. Georgian, Regency, William IV also always has a strong following. French antiques have been popular now for some time because of the pairs of bedside cabinets available, queen size beds, cabinets, bookcases, desks etc. We at Brunswick Street Antiques aim to supplyas much of a range possible.

We believe highly in the conservation and natural aspect of antique furniture and items to decorate a home. Furniture built using Australian timbers like cedar, silky oak, blackwood will apeal for ages to come and saves cutting down forests or planting even more plantations. Also imports from England, France, Germany include timbers like mahogany, walnut, and oak. These again save forrests from being further destroyed and land being cleared for rows of plantations. You cant get more green that buying antique furniture.

We arrange Interstate transport through out Australia, through numerous companies at very competative rates, antique furniture is transported door to door in most cases. Insurance is available also.

Transportation through Melbourne metro area and some outer areas like Geelong, Ballarat, Woodend, Mount Macedon, Mornington Peninsular are free depending on value purchased.